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Sciatica is a condition that results when the sciatic nerve, in the low back, becomes pinched or irritated.  Protruding discs, vertebral joint problems, sacroiliac sprains can all cause increased pressure/irritation on the sciatic nerve. When this happens, you get pain radiating from the lower back into the glutes and leg, with perhaps numbness and weakness into the calf foot and toes.


Chiropractic Treatment

Some conditions such as sacroiliac subluxation/sprain may respond well to just a simple chiropractic maneuver.  Others, such as disc protrusion may treat with combined care including gentle manipulations, DTS (decompressive traction) to draw the disc back into place.  MLS Laser is applied to reduce inflammation around the nerve roots, easier and safer to apply than corticosteroid injections, and most often, very effective.

As with most all of the musculoskeletal conditions, exercises are staged for stretching during the acute phase progressing to core stabilization in the rehabilitation phase for long term maintenance at home or in a health club setting.

To properly treat, the cause needs to be properly diagnosed:

 To properly treat sciatica; the cause of the condition needs to be diagnosed properly.  At Brookview Chiropractic, we have the appropriate diagnostic skills to evaluate and manage sciatica.  We know when to obtain x-ray and in rare instances, will order MRIs.  We have privileges with our two (2) main local medical clinics to obtain imaging, including plain film x-rays, MRI and CT on a direct basis with just a phone call for scheduling.  

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