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Below is links and short bits of more information that you may find helpful throughout your journey to finding integrative spine and joint care at Brookview Chiropractic!


Therapeutic Exercise

Click the link below for a list of some of the therapeutic exercises that used, in combination with chiropractic treatment, can start you on your journey to better movement, less pain and freedom to do the activities you enjoy!

Continuing Education Credit Opportunities!

Dr. Tucker has special training in the evaluation and treatment of whiplash. He has completed Certification course, Biomechanics of Low-Speed Impacts: Injury Mechanisms. University of California Riverside Dec 2007. He is also certified in the Rating of Permanent Impairment from injury conditions. Dr. Tucker has given conferences to many area attorneys on Whiplash Trauma to provide them with the specialized knowledge they need to understand the medical aspects of whiplash injuries, with credits for Continuing Legal Education.  


Workers Compensation

Chiropractic is an excellent means of dealing with workers compensation issues. If there's an injury on the job and you've gone down the traditional medical road to be treated, it may be time to give chiropractic a try. Chiropractors are professionals at dealing with underlying issues that potentially could be missed by medical doctors. Locating the source of your injury could be the difference between fixing an issue and living with something for a long period of time. 

In addition to being professionals at uncovering underlying issues, chiropractors handle the healing process without the need for addictive pain pills and potentially risky surgery. If you've been injured at work, make sure to go see a chiropractor for an initial consultation.

Personal Injury

Personal injury is related to bodily harm that comes from being involved in any type of accident or mishap. The difference between personal injury and workers comp is that personal injury takes place outside of work. Chiropractors are professionals at uncovering underlying issues in personal injury accidents. Whether it be a single adjustment or a series of treatment, your chiropractor is one of the best options to get you healing on the right path and back to near perfect. 

If you find yourself in a personal injury accident, make sure that you at least get a consultation with a chiropractor as you may have underlying issues that traditional medicine may have missed or took the wait and see approach on. Don't let your injury go unnoticed and cause major issues down the line.



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